Vanuatu Education Support Program

Providing a firm foundation for successful learning in primary
school and beyond for children and families in Vanuatu through improved education quality, equitable access and a well-managed education system. 

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The Vanuatu Education Support Program is supporting the Government of Vanuatu’s goals of improving education quality, providing more equitable access to education and ensuring a well-managed education system. The program focuses on improving literacy and numeracy outcomes for children in the early years of schooling.


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VESP’s Curriculum Development Unit is supporting the Ministry of Education and Training in developing a strengthened curriculum for Years 1 to 3, through training and supporting teachers to implement the new curriculum, through improved language materials, teacher guides, text books, numeracy kits and more.

Year 1 Curriculum rollout

Teachers' Training

The Vanuatu Teacher Standards were developed in 2014 by the Vanuatu Ministry of Education (MOET) and sponsored by its key development partners namely DFAT and MFAT. A total of thirty-two (32) standards statements, organised around four main areas referring to what constitutes quality teaching in schools throughout Vanuatu. The four main areas comprised of:

  • Professional Development
  • Improving the learning outcomes for students
  • Professional standing of teachers
  • Working with the community

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Gender, Disability and Social Inclusion

The VESP Gender, Disability and Social Inclusion Strategy was developed in 2015 to highlight how the program will support Vanuatu, Australia and New Zealand goals for gender equality, disability inclusion and social inclusion, as well as where and how a focus on these areas will enhance VESP’s effectiveness and outcomes.

Read more about the VESP GDSI program in the


The overall goal of the Ministry’s devolution strategy is “more effective service delivery by expanded support to schools and teachers”.

The aims of devolution are:

  • Sustainability of schools with school improvement plans and support services
  • Improved liaison between schools and community stakeholders
  • Supporting teachers for quality of teaching and learning
  • Strengthening provincial organisation and administration of education services
    Establishing practices for teacher management with provinces and schools.

Monitoring and Evaluation