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Promoting provincial education leadership through capacity building

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Promoting provincial education leadership through capacity building

Port Vila, Vanuatu – Friday 27 October 2023: The Ministry of Education and Training and the Government of Australia have successfully organized a second leadership capacity-building workshop for provincial education staff in October 2023.

The two-day training covers a range of essential topics, including improving educational outcomes, preparing strategic school plans, understanding job descriptions and deploying community teachers. Its overall focus is to empower and strengthen the capabilities of provincial staff members, enabling them to effectively oversee and manage the diverse array of schools across Vanuatu. The content of the training was developed based on a comprehensive needs-assessment study done in 2022.

Participants from Shefa, Penama, Tafea, and Sanma attended the training in person while participants from Torba and Malampa attended online. The training is part of the Ministry’s partnership with the Government of Australia to nurture leadership talents and expertise within the education sector.

These trainings are schedule to take place twice a year until 2025. Between the workshops, participants apply the gained knowledge and skills in their provinces through assignments.

For example, in one assignment, participants were tasked with comparing schools in two area councils with varying education performance levels. This exercise encouraged the practical application of the concepts discussed during the training, fostering a deeper understanding of the material presented.

Future training sessions will build the Ministry’s capacity in critical areas such as teacher and principal management, policy writing, and developing processes and procedures for understanding and monitoring school performance in the province. This participant-focused approach ensures that the training remains relevant and directly applicable to the challenges faced by provincial education staff.

The collaborative efforts between the Ministry, the Government of Australia and dedicated provincial staff exemplify Vanuatu’s determination to enhance the quality of education across the nation.

The Ministry of Education and Training and schools across Vanuatu are committed to delivering the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goal of ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.